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Wellness GB Massage and Movement Services Are you interested in?

Functioning with greater ease, stability, flexibility, and comfort?

Developing self-improvement in body awareness and body mechanics?

Feeling younger, feeling well?

Solving work-related discomforts and enhancing fitness performance?

Relieving stress and achieving greater relaxation?

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Our Location

Wellness GB is located at Suite 7, 20 Stockbridge Road (AKA Rt. 7), Great Barrington, MA, offering services in massage, energy work, and movement learning in The Feldenkrais Method® by appointment only. We are in the large blue office building near the traffic light at the intersection of Rt 7 North and Rte 23 East. Notice the sign near the door WellnessGB Take the entrance to the right, to the upper floor. You will find ample parking and handicap access, if needed, to the second floor.

Phone 413-298-2166


What Our Clients Say

"Misha is one of the most experienced body workers and movement therapists in the Barkehires. She is generous and caring. After breaking my wrists in separate incidents and being hit by a truck while stopped at an intersection, she gently nursed me back to health." Randi

“I went to see Misha with so much pain it had gotten to the point where I was having trouble functioning. Misha gave me such relief. She has incredibly intuitive, and made me feel so comfortable. I left feeling energized and balanced. Has gone above and beyond expectations” Anna Theil

“Misha helped me feel physically better about myself – get more in tune with my body. Best massage I have ever had.” Meg Lewis

“I watched my husband return after private Feldenkrais sessions with her transformed – standing taller and walking and holding himself with better posture.” Susan Denison

“Misha is extremely knowledgeable and talented and has gone the extra distance to help resolve my knee, lower back and shoulder issues. As a result of her work, I am in less pain and discomfort, with much more flexibility and range of motion than before I started seeing her. Looking forward to continued working with her.” John Hilliard

“I had my first massage with Misha and it was wonderful! It is a most relaxed atmosphere and I walked out feeling like a new person. I would highly recommend her and the experience.. The perfect way to spend an hour of time..” Ariella Chezar

“Excellent feedback from my clients for Misha’s massage work. Highly recommended” Scott Garber, Chiropractor

“Your work with me really set me on a great path, releasing tension, reorganizing and feeling normal again (whatever that is!). You nailed something new for me in where my weight was in standing and sitting which has made the world of difference for me-- how I am using my self-organization for better wellness!” Deborah Skylar

“The massage with Misha was one of the best I've ever had: strong, intelligent, knowledgeable, well-trained and experienced. The setting was relaxing and the positive effects of the massage is long-lasting.” Judy Taylor